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Barbara Carranza was born in Mexico City , where she trained 16 years ago
As a make up artist in a salon specialized in eyebrows . after hundreds of satisfied clients Barbara has developed her own expert style designing tailor-made eyebrows measured and shaped to suit each clients own features.

In Latin America eyebrow grooming is an art. Mexican girls in particular love to look after their eyebrows, making a perfectly shaped eyebrow an absolute must have.

Barbara currently lives in the UK and teaches the Art of Brow Design at the awarded AOFM (Academy of freelance make up, London New York and Paris) where she shares her eyebrow Latin technique with students and happy clients alike.
More recently Barbara has produced the magnificent Barbara Carranza tweezers which play an important role in achieving the ultimate perfection in plucking.
Like no other Barbara Carranza tweezers have an ergonomic shape that benefits from an easy grip and precise tip that makes it even easier to see exactly which hair you want to pluck , or weather is one or multiple hairs. It also works wonders in the application of individual eyelashes.
The Barbara Carranza tweezers have been on the market for 4 years now, and they already have achieved a phenomenal success amongst Beauty professionals and other people with a passion for Make up and eyebrows