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Date: June 12, 2017 Author: barbaracarranza Category: Uncategorized Comments: 3,040

Most eyebrows dilemmas are based on:

*wrong shape
*sparse hair, gaps , no hair.
*thick hair, curly , long hair.

Solutions and treatments:

Wrong shape: When you have a wrong shape, it is crucial to do some measuring steps to see if the arch and length of brows are correct, once you have the correct measurements, start tracing a shape based on her features and measurements, with your preferred eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow , however make sure f you are using a brow brush ,it will need to be angled and FIRM to give a PRESICE tracing , this will allow you DEFINITION.

(stayed tuned I will provide this perfect tracing solution soon ☺ )

Once is traced and defined you are ready to pluck a good eyebrow shape, to help you guiding your plucking over your already traced shaped eyebrow , use my angled unique Barbara Carranza tweezer which will align to the brow shape making it easy and faster to pluck.

Sparse hair, no hair: Fill the brow gaps accordingly use the best product that suits the eyebrow in particular , considering style desired by you or your client.
You can also use products for hair growth .
Alternately Semipermanent eyebrowmakeup likemicroblading , will be a great solution and a very natural way , as it simulates hair strokes.

Thick hair, curly hair, long: shaping accordingly and trimming is the best option , also so use a good brow gel to tame the hairs and keep it tidy .

In my next blog I will talk about the best products that I believe in, and work for me to make beautiful perfect eyebrows on my clients..☺

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