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Having specialized in eyebrow design, I took the next step. I reasoned ‘if I already know how to trace them beautifully, then it will be easy for me to apply this to semipermanent make up’. It is big advantage to start with the knowledge of good eyebrow design, and then learn the techniques of semipermanent make up.

My interest stems from both my love of tracing eyebrows and the fact that more women want definition in their eyebrows. Semi-permanent make up gives the definition that enhances the eyebrow and gives it a shape that will not change when plucked. This means no more mistakes, like creating too high an arch, or leaving a gap, or uneven eyebrows. Alternatively, for women who have very sparce hair, they now can have a complete, full eyebrow.

I also do lip-contouring. Just by outlining your lips you get a plumper look. I’m more in favour of a very natural look to lips, by slightly outlining them with a natural color to give plumper, fuller lips without looking unnatural.

What is semipermanent make up?
It’s a form of tattooing the skin without remaining permanent like normal tattoos. The pigments will be entering the skin up to the 2nd layer of the epidermis. It will last between 1 .5 to 2 years, fading out gradually. The pigments are vegetable-based or mineral based.

Which shape and technique is best for you?
Once we have decided how would you would like your eyebrows to look. We take the correct measurements and baance the look to help decide if you want them fuller, lighter or more natural , so we choose the best micropigmentation technique for you to build your eyebrows beautifully.

Before starting the procedure, you will see how it will look, so you won’t be nervous of the outcome! This is achieved by lightly tracing the shape before tattooing.

How long does the procedure last?
Approximately one and a half hours. This will include a consultation to discuss shape . Then an anaesthetic cream is set. A few mins after the cream is applied, the procedure takes place.

After the procedure is completed, you will be given after-care instructions.

In most cases, a re-touch is needed within a month. The cost for this will be £30.

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