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Various benefits

The length and angled grip of this tweezer makes plucking a clear breeze with no obstructed view, second the tweezer can align

to the eyebrow, making shaping a lot easier, because it's alignment it is easier to follow the line of the actual

brow shape, next the tip of this tweezer allows fine hair to be plucked quite easily without nicking the skin.

I have found my own style, honed by working on many clients, often in high time-pressure situations. Since the first time I took hold of this style of tweezer that I use today, I felt comfortable and have never needed to use anything else. In fact, I still use the very same style today after 14 years!

When I teach in AOFM school of make up, in Soho, my students always want to know where they can get my special tweezers. My clients also like the feel of them.. So, I took the initiative and designed and produced the only version of this style available in the UK today. I hope that you will appreciate working with them as much as I did.

Now, when I hear the question, ” Where can we buy them?” I smile, and answer,
suffer no more my beautiful disciples…. I have them for you’. These tweezers are unique as the grip is excellent and allows you the visibility to work with them even when you are taking only one hair. They will give you the precision that others can’t .

Before plucking, we need to trace and draw the eyebrows, so we avoid mistakes, like making them to thin or leaving spaces. After that, we can start plucking as we have an established a guide.

With my tweezers you will be able to see that you can pluck with effortless grip.

The price of tweezer is £20